Note Night in America: Stress-Free Wealth Building with George Antone

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Note Night in America: Stress-Free Wealth Building with George Antone

1:38:56 · 2019

Note Night in America Episode 30

Scott: We are excited about this special bonus session with George Antone from Note CAMP 6.0. I know you’re going to have some content. You’re going to have some actions. You’re going to be making some profits with Mr. George Antone. Let’s get into some little changes that people can take advantage of. The little things they can to build big, beautiful, stress-free wealth in six hours or less.

George: Thanks for allowing me to share this with everyone. I’ve been super excited about a lot of the results we’re seeing out there. I welcome our audience. Our topic is Stress-Free Wealth in Six Hours or Less Per Month Using a Completely New Paradigm. How did this come about? Let me share with you the story how this thing came about. I was invited to speak in Palm Springs many years ago. When I was done, I got off the stage. A lady approached me and asked me an interesting question. She said, “Is there a way to build financial security without investing in stocks, bonds or real estate or even sell anything or start a business?” My first reaction was I laughed, thinking she was joking. The expression on her face showed a completely different story. She was in her early 60s. What I saw on her face was complete fear, desperation, almost tears in her eyes. I realized quickly she was being very serious. I decided to do something about this and research if it’s possible to even build wealth or financial security without doing any of this stuff. Being a skeptical person and being someone who’s developed a lot of software for people around the world, I was curious about, “Is this even possible?”

I found something fascinating and I started realizing it doesn’t have a name. We’ve all seen pieces of this stuff but we never categorize it as anything. What I did was I called it hacking finance. That’s what our topic for now is. This is exactly what I discovered and I want to share it with you. When people make claims, I am skeptical. I want to share with you what this boils down to. There are four things. One is six hours per month. The six hours can be broken up into 30-minute segments. It’s not one six hours straight, but it’s broken up as a total of six hours. The second thing is this can be implemented one-time and placed on autopilot. Have finance work for you and build your wealth.

The third is no investing needed. I’m a big proponent of investing. I’m always talking to people about, “Make sure you learn how to invest,” but this doesn’t require investing. It will enhance any investing you might be doing but it’s not required. Finally, it’s low risk. Anyone like me who’s skeptical is going to say, “This is way too good to be true,” and that’s exactly why I wanted to share this topic with you and deep dive and talk about some numbers. That’s the objective of this training. It’s truly simply to open your eyes to this new paradigm that I’m talking about that can help build financial security without making risky investments. I’m going to ask the audience to get a calculator ready because we’re going to be diving into numbers and I’m going to be talking about what you can do to start implementing some of this information.

A little bit about my background. Who am I and why should you listen to me? I used to be a software developer and engineer. I worked for a number of companies including Intuit, makers of Quicken. I worked on Quicken and a number of other products they have. I also worked at M

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