001 Welcome to Shower Epiphanies with Art Costello

06:55 · 2019

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Welcome to Shower Epiphanies! In this welcome episode, we learn about Art’s journey and his desires for you and for this podcast. We also start discovering how to manage our expectations and how those can affect how we live. With his servant’s heart, he is bringing together a community in which we can share our experiences and learn together from those experiences and life events so that we may all live a full and happy existence. The greatest teachings in life come from the experiences we have lived. By sharing our experiences, we can benefit all.


“Authentic, raw discussions, on anything and everything, will be the theme of the day."— Art Costello


Connect with Art Costello:

Twitter: @myexpectation
Facebook: Art Costello
Website: ExpectationTherapy.com
Email:  Info@ExpectationTherapy.com
Book: Expectation Therapy: Mastering Your Expectations
LinkedIn: Art Costello
Instagram: @expectationtherapy


Show notes by Podcastologist: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


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