005 Lucas Robak: Be Different, Be You!

44:01 · 2019

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In this episode, Art and Lucas discuss:

·         His journey and how his diagnosis of MS has helped him to discover his purpose.

·         How society’s expectations can play a negative factor on our lives.

·         The difference between Faith, Hope, and Belief.

·         When your epiphanies come and acting on your epiphanies.

Key Takeaways:

·         Use the things that don’t work out to open space for new ideas to come in.

·         You can change your thinking, you can change your life.

·         Implementation of your epiphanies is where the power comes and where we can help others achieve.

·         Read. Pick up a physical book and read – it will allow you to exercise your brain and put positive information in.

"I personally love the word failure, because I think of it as feedback." — Lucas Robak

Connect with Lucas Robak:

Twitter: @LucasJRobak

Facebook: Lucas J Robak

Website: LucasRobak.com

Instagram: @lucasjrobak

LinkedIn: Lucas J. Robak

Connect with Art Costello:

Twitter: @myexpectation

Facebook: Art Costello

Website: ExpectationTherapy.com

Email:  Info@ExpectationTherapy.com

Book: Expectation Therapy: Mastering Your Expectations

LinkedIn: Art Costello

Instagram: @expectationtherapy

Show notes by Podcastologist: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie

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