Big Cat Briefing Jan 12 2019

02:02 · 2019

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Who’s that new yellow shirt? Congratulations Lacy Benton on your promotion!

We got started on Valentine’s Day Enrichment tonight. Lots of fun ideas. Thanks Steven Becker for constructing the two helmets for the super bowl Enrichment. Kali is going to love them.

Thanks Lauren Grant, Rebecca Williams, Alyssa Weber, Lacy, Danielle Smith, Babs Riddle, Steve, and Susana Zhong for working on Enrichment tonight. - Maureen Calderon

Great day today!!! It started cold, but it turned out really nice weather to work in!

Before lunch: A bunch of keepers took classes and got sign offs. Food prep was done, double checked, and the cooler was cleaned. The Windsong hospital was vacuumed and mopped. Fred and I took out a bunch of enrichment out of the enclosures.

**After lunch: **All of the interns went to do tours with the help of a couple partners. Steph, Bonnie, and I worked on Ginger's enclosure and a bunch of the raking around the outside and tour path got done.

**Projects to get done: **GInger's enclosure could use some grass seed and hay in the dens. Finish raking around the outside and tour path of her cage.

The squeeze cage on the left side can get put away, but the other still needs cleaned as well as the one still in the recovery hospital. That hospital needs a sweep and mop as well. We got an empty blue dumpster today, so the trees on the ground next to it can be thrown in.
I think that may be it?? - Afton Tasler


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