Shocking Truth About Cub Petting

02:15 · 2019

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1. People love to see tiger cubs but they could disappear in the wild in the next 5 years.

2. In 1900 there were 100,000 tigers in the wild, but now there are less than 4,000

3. Petting tiger cubs is one reason they are going extinct

4. and it is a terrible life for the cubs. Here’s why:

5. People see them being handled on talk shows.

6. So they pay to see and pet them and take photos with them.

7. They don’t know that the cubs are ripped from their mothers at birth so they don’t bond to the mother.

8. This is a torment to both mother and cub.

9. The cubs are deprived of the mother’s milk that has antibodies that protect them from disease.

10. They are deprived of sleep, to be available to petting customers, which further weakens their immune systems.

11. To make them sit still for petting and photos, they are physically punished when they do what comes naturally, like run around and jump.

11. Cubs can only be used for about 12 weeks before they can take off a child’s finger.

12. No one tracks what happens to the cubs then. They just disappear - an estimated 200 cubs per year disappear.

13. Some end up in back yards, some at roadside zoos. No one knows how many die.

14. Legitimate zoos don’t allow this. There are just a handful of roadside zoos that do it.

15. Roadside zoos claim cub petting helps conservation, but this is a lie.

16. Here is how cub petting is hurting tigers in the wild:
17. Tigers are being poached in the wild, to use their parts illegally to make rugs, tiger bone wine and fake medicines.

18. There are Asian countries who want to make it legal to sell tiger parts. If they are allowed to do this, even more tigers will be poached.

19. The U.S. State Department tries to lead other nations in opposing the sale of tiger parts.

20. But our credibility is challenged by pointing out that we don’t know where our tigers are or how many get made into parts.

21. If you want a world where tigers live free we have to end cub petting and private possession of them.

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