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Tips on how to make things happen by Steve Sims

• And most people I know, they dream too small
• I am a 100% referral business. So every client that comes to me comes from somebody else introducing them
• People don’t ask for what they want
• Money is always the second, third, and fourth chapter of a conversation
• The Distillery is very important for me because I’m really excited about people’s growth.
• Too many people think you have to plan for perfection. And perfection does not exist
• I’ve failed so many times in my life. I’ll probably fail on something tomorrow. But I fail up

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Too many people think you have to plan for perfection. And perfection does not exist

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Doug Morneau:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today is not only going to be real fast it’s going to be really fun because the guest today that I’ve got specially lined up for you has been called the man with the coolest job in the world in a recent publication that was put out by Forbes Magazine.

So Steve Sims will be joining us in the studio here shortly. And I got to know Steve through his assistant who had sent me an email saying, “Hey, I think,” Sam Miller sent me an email saying, “Hey, I think you’d like to hear from my boss. He’s a pretty smart guy. He’s doing some really cool stuff with his company.”

And so I started to dig in to look at his background and it’s a pretty amazing story. So I think if you’re open to it Steve’s going to kind of maybe help you shift your thinking and think a little bit bigger and ask for bigger things and just see what’s possible.

So Steve is the founder of a company called Bluefish and Bluefish is one of the top personal concierge services in the world. He’s also an expert marketer within the luxury industry. Steve’s been quoted in a variety of publications and TV including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the London Sunday Times, the South China Morning Posts, and many more.

He’s also the best seller of a book called Bluefishing: (It’s) The Art of Making Things Happen. So he’s a sought after speaker and consultant. And he speaks to a variety of networks and groups and associations, as well as the Pentagon and Harvard twice.

So he will set up whatever experience you’re looking for through his company Bluefish. So if you wanted to sing with your favorite rock start or if you wanted to be serenaded with Andrea Bocelli or walked on the red carpet with an A-list of Oscar parties, get married in the Vatican, dive to the wreck of the Titanic. These are just a few examples and highlights of what Steve has been asked to provide for his clients. So he seems to make the impossible possible. And he’s quoted as being the real-life Wizard of Oz by Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.

So as an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, Steve is well-regarded within the luxury world for his innovation, down to earth personality, which will come through as we move into our interview. He’s known for his honesty, integrity, and doing things his way. So Steve creates experiences for clients that they could never imagine possible. So we’re going to have him share how we can take this knowledge and we can roll it out into our businesses to

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