Big Cat Briefing Jan 19 2019

01:30 · 2019

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Coordinator Report:

The day started out cold, but it warmed up midday. All tours were full, but we easily got them covered. Thanks you Pam Rodriguez for coming in to help!

It was the final day of panacur, and the cats will be happy to get a full diet tomorrow.

Stephanie Chaiser, Alyssa Weber, Mary Jerome, Dylan Lavigne, and Fred Pagan raked the two sections of Duchess’s enclosure closest to Cambu. They also raked a lot of the outside as well.

Desmond. Fowles and Susan Reed made a bunch of sicles to fill the freezer in the enrichment cabin.

Lots of sign offs today.

Enrichment Report:

Another fun and creative night at Enrichment! Lisa Alstein started on the “hissing booth” for Natalia. Alyssa Weber, Babs Riddle, MC, Susana Zhong, and I worked on valentines Enrichment. Danielle Smith got started on some pirate enrichment! Steven Becker got the grills made for the helmets for the super bowl. Thanks everyone for coming in on this cold evening. Thanks to Afton Tasler for putting the word out on Facebook for the supplies we need! - Maureen Calderon


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