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Tips on email list rental to generate leads and sales by Doug Morneau

• The three big lies of email list rental were that email marketing was dead, that it doesn’t work, and that email list rental was illegal.
• The good news is, email list rental is alive and well, it’s a great way to leverage your business, to have massive results in a very short period of time.
• I’m currently working on the strategy for two marketing campaigns that are heavily focused on using email list rental as the cornerstone to do the heavy lifting. In addition to that, our team will obviously use ad words, use retargeting and social media to help leverage and drive this campaign home for my clients.
• Investigate the potential of renting email lists to add to your media mix to grow your business

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The three big lies of email list rental were that email marketing was dead, that it doesn’t work, and that email list rental was illegal.

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Doug Morneau:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing, Real Fast. Today’s podcast is going to be a solo episode. I’m gonna talk about the book Three Big Lies: The Truth About Renting Email Lists to Generate Leads and Sales. So this is a book that I had published last year, became an international bestseller but what I’d like to share with you today are three main points. The back story of the book, how it came to be, a free offer and a juicy story that was not shared in the book, at the suggestion of my editor.

Doug Morneau:So my entrepreneurial life began about 33 years ago, and as my business grew and gained some notoriety and success, we had some business challenges you might say, which I’ll share a little further along. The comment I kept getting from people over and over again, hey, you have to write a book, you have to write a book, you have to write a book. I got so tired of people saying that I had to write a book. I mean, my wife was telling me that but I heard it from people in the business community, I heard it from friends and I thought nobody really wants to read a book that I’m gonna write, I’m not a writer. But they weren’t talking about a business book, they were talking about a biography. For some reason, people found my life story and the challenges that we’ve had an overcome to be interesting but I just ignored it for years and years and then finally decided okay, maybe I’ll write a book.

Doug Morneau:I began doing some research and talking to some people about what it would take to write a biography and at one point when I was sharing a brief bit of my story, I had one particular company say, “I think you should skip the book and we should just go right to produce a movie.” That convinced me that maybe the people that were around me and the people that cared for me that was telling me to write a biography might actually be on to something. I did what any good entrepreneur would do, I went online to do some research on how to write a book.

Doug Morneau:Through my research, I came across a company in Los Angeles called Best Selling Publisher or BSP, and it’s run by a gentleman by the name of Rob Kosberg. I’d done a lot of research and I thought hey, Rob looks like a pretty sharp guy so I bought the course. H

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