How gratitude can change your life! Meet Karen Purves, author of 'Gratitude Prompts'. Karen's sto

31:45 · 2019

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How gratitude can change your life! Meet Karen Purves, author of 'Gratitude Prompts'.

Karen's story...
Twenty years ago, I was in a fix. I had left a long term relationship, then lost my job which meant I had to find cheap accommodation or become homeless. Unfortunately, the latter happened. Having hit rock bottom, I looked for something to help me change my focus from the darkness of where I was to the joy and sunshine of where I wanted to be. This is when my practice of gratitude started and has seen me through the highs and lows of being a single mom, becoming an empty nester, the death of my beautiful daughter five years ago and changing countries.

Gratitude is more than keeping a journal, although this is a great place to start, it is a lifestyle choice. It becomes an everyday occurrence looking for things to appreciate and be grateful for. I personally found that with my practice, I began to be more generous, doing daily random acts of kindness and I trusted that all would work out.

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I wrote the book, Gratitude Prompts, to fulfil a need for people who didn’t have a gratitude practice and it didn’t make sense to them. It is simple to use the book, just open at a random page and read the topic and do one of the three exercises. By trusting your intuition, you do the topic that is for you that day. There are 50 covering topics such as debt, manifesting, appreciation, family, clouds, nature and guilt. The feedback from readers has been very positive. They have introduced it into their family so it isn’t just a personal routine but, with spouse and kids

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