Wild West Crypto Show Episode #46 - Bad Crypto Podcast Meets the Wild West

40:37 · 2019

Welcome back to the Wild West Crypto Show 7 C-Suite Radio! Very exciting things in line for this week's episode! We have with us the guys from Bad Crypto Podcast, Joel and Travis, who we consider the O.G icons in the space! These guys were full of energy you don't want to miss their segment!

Jonathan with CryptoCurrencyWire gives us an update with exciting news that they are going to be the official newswire for Crypto Blockcon for the next four events which includes Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, and New York. Jonathan gives us some information on leading transfer agent custody solutions.

In The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly we talk about what the CEO of NASDAQ thinks about cryptocurrency and what it means for the future. Watch the segment to find out which company is relocating to Switzlerand due to it being welcoming to cryptocurrency.

In Brent's School House this week, he talks about the dangers of diarrhea! We also have joining us for the Global Round-Up this week Blake Rizzo and Larry Castro to share us some good news and updates from their location! Rapping up the show we are debuting a new segment called Drew's Weekly Rant where Drew will be talking about good & bad things going around the world.

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