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Tips on how to successfully launch and market a podcast with Ginni Saraswati

• To market a podcast ask: What’s the best day to release your podcast? The best day is the same day as the last day. There is that commitment to the frequency of the podcast
• I think you’ve got to first start with, and I take my clients through this as well, when we do a podcast, start with the “why.” Why are you doing the podcast? Then lets reverse engineer from there. 
• They call it pod fade. A lot of people go through that pod fade where they do eight episodes. It’s roughly the time where they tend to fade out. They just go in all in, all out and they find out it’s not sustainable. 
• The next thing I do is assess how comfortable they are with technology and see what their budget is. Then I recommend the equipment for them to what they use because everyone’s equipment is going to look different. 
• Figure out a routine for yourself that works for you. 
• Check out how many apps that you’re on because if you can be on more apps, you can reach more people because not everyone listens to Apple Podcast even though they have the majority of the market share.

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To successfully market a podcast ask: What’s the best day to release your podcast? The best day is the same day as the last day.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, our conversation is all going to be around podcasting, the benefits, the pitfalls and how to leverage a podcast to grow your brand, business and/or company. In the studio, I’ve got joining me Ginni Saraswati and she is an award-winning journalist and the founder of Ginni Media. We had a conversation, which I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. You’ll very quickly pick up her expertise in her many years on the air by her booming, clear and beautiful voice. Ginni is an award-winning journalist. She’s known to stun many personalities with her quick-witted introductions on air tactics. She left Paula Abdul in a laughing fit and have Anna Brown choking.

Doug:She has interviewed many people including k.d. lang, Jennifer Beals, Ruby Rose, and Martina Navratilova and the list goes on. She has launched her new brand, her new podcast, The Ginni Show: Curry, Comedy, and Connection, which invites listeners to follow the hilarious journey and the life of a young Sri Lankan gay immigrant woman growing up in Australia with guest appearances from Ginni’s aunties, 170 cousins and celebrities. Ginni Media is a boutique podcast production company serving the vision entrepreneurs, the celebrities and influential organizations around the world. She specializes in podcast production and content repurposing.

Doug:They provide concierge-style service to ensure your voice is literally being heard where it needs to be. I’d like to welcome Ginni to the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast today. Hey, welcome, Ginni. I’m super, super excited to have you on the show. Looking at your bio and background, all the stuff that you’ve done in media, new media, and now a fellow podcaster, I guess you’ve been podcasting for, like you said, two, three years.

Ginni Saraswati:Yes, I launc

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