Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Handford

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Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Handford

36:33 · 2019

Episode 388

Scott: We are excited to be kicking off a series of a couple of days of videos here of some events that I believe that you need to look to attend. These are events that will help dramatically revolutionize your business in several forms of fastest ways to new investors or new product or new exit strategies before you let your buyer come in across from banks and asset managers. We are excited to kick that off with a good friend of mine. I was very honored to be a guest on his podcast. I think I’m the first podcast he’s going to be on announcing his new event. We’re excited about this event. This event you definitely want to put on your calendar. Let’s give a warm welcome to our good buddy, Dan Handford from Multifamily Investor Nation. How’s it going?

Dan: I’m doing great, Scott. Thank you so much for having me. I’m looking forward to sharing.

Scott: For those that don’t know, tell them a little about yourself out there and why they need to be listening to Dan?

Dan: It goes back before I even got into real estate. One of the main reasons why I got into real estate is because I started having to write large checks to the government and I was tired of doing that. I started checking out what was the best option for me to start to invest, to offset the income that I was generating. One of the things that I started to research heavily for several years is multifamily investing. You can definitely in multifamily, talk about duplexes and tris and those kinds of things. Four units, six units. I primarily invest in a large commercial apartment complex. It’s 100-plus units or more but there are a lot of people in our group, the Multifamily Investor Nation, who buy smaller properties down to the five-plus units somewhere around in there. One of the reasons why I created Multifamily Investor Nation is to create a platform that provides high-quality content and information to be able to allow everybody to understand the major advantages of multifamily investing and of course, especially the tax advantages of it because the tax advantages of it are what sold it for me. I know for a lot of people that’s what it is as well.

Scott: Let’s talk about the market. With calling banks and talking to asset managers, we don’t see a lot of distressed multifamily stuff. That’s one of the big questions people get, “You’ve got the distressed apartment complex. I can buy the note.” First off, if I did, I’m going to take it down. Second, where are you finding your deals? I don’t want to give away your secret sauce but give nuggets to our extended hashtag note family out there that’s looking at multifamily. They’d been on their residential side. They’re looking to up their game a little bit. Where can they find the deals out there that everybody else is missing?

Dan: I’ll describe two different ways. I get to ask that question a lot and I don’t mind sharing. I’m an open book. I don’t mind sharing my good stuff. When you’re talking about investing in smaller properties, less than 100 units, most of the time those are going to be done through some form of a local real estate broker or agent. There might be a larger firm that does some of the 60, 70, 80 units, but for the most part, if you’re in the 30 to 50, somewhere around in there, there’s going to be a local agent that will be representing the seller there.

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