Are You "F" able with Merrill Chandler

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Are You "F" able with Merrill Chandler

40:13 · 2019

Episode 404

Scott: We’ve got our special guest, Merrill Chandler, joining us again. I’m excited and honored to have CreditSense as a sponsor for the show. You’ve got some great stuff going on.

Merrill: We’ve got many great things going on. We’re excited to talk about it.

Scott: We’re honored to have you coming on to spend a day with us here brainstorming 2019 with some great people. You’ve got so much buzz going on with what you guys are doing over there at CreditSense. I love the topic Are you F able or just F?

Merrill: Are you fundable or just F? If you don’t have your act together, you don’t know what somebody is measuring or how to get the money. No one’s going to give it to you.

Scott: Let’s talk about what F able is. For those that are reading this for the first time, share who you are and what CreditSense is all about first.

Merrill: I’m Merrill Chandler, Founder, and CEO of CreditSense. For the last many years, we have been helping individuals, real estate investors, and savvy borrowers to optimize their fundability. Your ability to get funding, whether it’s a mortgage you’re after or your business lines of credit, commercial loans, whatever it is. We’ve dealt with on a significant level the CEO of FICO, the score development teams for both personal and business to hash through our model for helping our clients and our students create fundability. That no matter where they go or what money they’re looking for, you look spectacular to the lender because you’re doing it all right. You not only know what the lender guidelines are in advance before you apply and you know that your profile is in concert with or are synchronous with those lending criteria. That’s what we do. We specialize in real estate investors but any business that’s looking to capitalize. We knock it out of the park because you can’t win a game unless you know the rules.

Scott: You know the rules. You’ve got the sneak peek to the back look to all the rules. That’s what’s great is you’re taking the rules that you’ve known and helped not create but know and spend time learning and then putting those rules or sharing the fundability playbook. You had your first live event?

Merrill: We had what we call a fundability bootcamp intensive where we spent two full days. Before, I would do a presentation and then invite people to get a fundability analysis so we can check their personal profile. People then made the evaluation of whether or not they want to partner with us or engage us as a client. Now, for $97 somebody can go to a two-day event and where every single task you need to do to create what we call a qualified personal credit identity and a qualified business funding entity. Those two things are what FICO is measuring what the lenders want to lend to. You come to this two-day event. I tell it all. You will know walking out of that event what it takes to become fundable as a business owner, a real estate investor, as a savvy borrower or consumer. For $97, take it on. They were so successful that we have three upcoming events in this first quarter that we’re excited about.

Scott: You’ve got a book coming out and some other things like that too.

Merrill: Finally, my tell-all book called Are You F Able Or Just F?. Start to finish, it is my tell-all book about how my relationship with FICO and how I came up. Nobody knows, except for you Scott, how I came up with optimization rec many years ago. It’s a crazy story but it will be a

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