Good Deeds Note Investing with Gail Greenberg and Chris Seveney

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Good Deeds Note Investing with Gail Greenberg and Chris Seveney

1:02:50 · 2019

Episode 405

Scott: I’m honored to have you guys. I’m jacked up, excited to have a couple of rock stars in the making who are doing some fantastic things, not only with their own note investments but are also the host of the new note investing podcast called Good Deeds Note Investing. I want to give a big round of applause to our good friends, Chris Seveney and Gail Anthony Greenberg. What’s going on?

Chris: Thank you, Scott. It’s great to be on.

Scott: You guys are rocking and rolling along there a little bit. I’m excited that you guys have rolled out the Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast.

Chris: We’ve got fifteen live, posted and recording two per week. We’re launching two per week. It’s been good.

Scott: For those that don’t know who you guys are, why don’t we start with a little bit about who you are? You have been working together on a variety of deals, but you also do deals independently stuff like that. Why don’t we start with ladies first, Gail? I want you to introduce a little bit about who you are, what you are focused on the note business and we’ll talk about how you guys hooked up.

Gail: At the very end of 2016, I joined our Mastermind. I took the Fast Track training in November of 2016 and went to my first Mastermind two weeks later. At the end of that month, December I bought my first two notes. I spent most of 2017 doing deals with my own IRA money because I didn’t feel prepared to JV with anyone until I had more experience under my belt. During that year I bought as many different kinds of situations as I could find so that I would experience many things and gain wisdom. By the fall of 2017, I started getting a lot of JV partners, doing a lot of deals and built my portfolio pretty fast. By the end of 2017, in my first year, I had 30 notes and now it’s doubled. It’s been a year of evolving as a note investor and understanding what the normal phases are from not knowing anything yet to, “I’m rolling. I need better systems.” I had met Chris because he’s a big online social media guy. One of the few investors who were in my area, we’re both in the Northeast, I’m in Philadelphia, he’s in DC area where my son lived. I hopped on a mega bus, I asked him to meet me in April 2017 and we spent four hours together in a Starbucks talking about notes.

Chris: Your son was having landlord issues in DC is where the conversation started.

Gail: I moved to Seattle. That’s how well it worked out.

Chris: I come from a real estate background where I’ve been involved in construction real estate for twenty years. With the wife and kids, trying to grow some real estate business is pretty much impossible, especially in DC with the equity that’s needed. It was April of 2016, I was on BiggerPockets. I saw this guy, Scott Carson talk about notes and I was intrigued because I had never known about notes or it existed. Being a typical engineer, I analysis paralysis for a good six months. It was October, November of that year you had the Note CAMP. After Note CAMP, I finally was like, “I’m going to pull the trigger.” I bought four notes at that point in time, used some of my retirement money on that, worked those out and then bought some more with my retirement money and worked them out. Once I started getting ten to twelve under my belt and understanding it, started getting some JV partners and then continue to grow from that point in time. It was November of ‘17, from Note CAMP I won the Fast Track social media awar


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