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Tips on how to grow your audience with machine learning with Patrick McKenna

• We help people expand their audiences so that they don’t see a diminishing return. And it’s not just how to grow your audience, it’s also finding those interests that actually work for your audience and your brand.
• The good news is that if your business is growing, and hopefully it is, the artificial intelligence that you’re building isn’t going to eliminate your employees. In fact, you may need more employees. They may be just shifting in direction, but there’s still plenty to do.
• The main products for us are analyzing buying metrics and audience metrics.
• What you get out of that data if you haven’t broken those things out in the platform is very little. You’re not really sure what specifically worked when you don’t know specifically what worked on the keyword side or the interest side per age group and per device.
• One of the tricks you need to watch out for on Facebook is if you put up a couple pieces of creative in there, Facebook will make a decision really quickly as to which one is performing better. And you need to kind of wait a little bit and give that second piece of creative a little bit more statistical significance because Facebook will pick a winner really fast. And you may throw a really nice piece of creative out the door too quickly.
• And so you need to be testing, you always need to be testing.
• The platform guys want to make this sound really easy. Google wants to make it sound really simple to go and measure and use their ad manager.
• I get really excited about this direct to consumer situation. We call it the DTC, the dollar shave. Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand, Jessica Alba.

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And it’s not just how to grow your audience, it’s also finding those interests that actually work for your audience and your brand.

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, we’re going to be talking about testing, testing. No, the microphone is working fine, testing your advertising. So how do you know what’s working, what’s performing, what’s moving the sales dial, what audiences are working on Facebook? Are they the same audience as working in LinkedIn, are the same audiences that are working on Instagram or YouTube or Google ads. So we’ve got a guest who is a specialist in this space, and they use machine learning and artificial intelligence to guide your path and guide their clients’ path to making the right decisions. And significantly in many cases, it’s going to be lowering the cost of advertising and acquiring a customer. So I’d like to welcome Patrick McKenna to the studio today. He is the founder and CEO of a company called Strike Social. It’s a global technology enabled digital advertising agency based in Chicago.

Doug:Patrick has more than 30 years of experience in business development and technology consulting for major corporations. I’m sure you’ll gather that when you listen to the episode, he co-founded and sold a telecommunications company, WCI in 1996. And then he was recruited to Microsoft as part of a 50 person team to develop the internet, audio

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