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62 minutes · 2019

Tamara Sutton was loving life and raising 5 remarkable kids…until in 1996 her oldest son Demetrius died, he was 23 years old. With a devastating shift such as this, it is challenging to remember to put on your shoes. But with determination, Tamara knew she had to discover the ways and means to guide her family through this epic storm of theirs. For the next 8 years she did just that and journaled; in 2004 published her book, Demetrius, My Gift of Life.

That book became a vehicle of conversation as Tamara began giving interviews on TV, radio and speaking to anyone ready to listen. One of those interviews became the Suicide Prevention Radio Program reaching northern Illinois and Chicago. For that effort, Tamara’s team received the Silver Dome Broadcasting Award for best public affairs programming in talk radio 2 years in a row.
With a firsthand understanding of how children grieve, Tamara co-founded a non-profit healing center for grieving children in Ann Arbor MI. Eleven years later Ele’s Place continues to serve children age 3-21 and their families after a significant death.

Her approach to coaching is unique and intuitive in a very safe, “Be Here Now” sort of way. Primarily by phone, she walks along with you through your grief as you practice leaning in, become more familiar with it, naming it, watching for it and noticing that as time passes, you are growing deeper and stronger than you thought possible. “Being present with your grief allows you to notice the gifts all around you… “If God said to me, I will give him back to you, but you must give back to me everything you have learned, I would have to say no thank you! What I know now are his Gifts to me!”
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