Co-Narcissism with Christine Louis de Canonville

53:31 · 2019

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Right from the pages of her long anticipated book, When Shame Begets Shame, Christine Louis de Canonville joins us to discuss many things including co-narcissism. She is one of our most popular guests and it's been a long time since she's joined us for an interview.

About Christine Louis de Canonville
B.A. (Hons) Theology & Psychology, MIACP, MSIACP, CMH, CHyp, MPNLP.

Christine Louis de Canonville is a licensed psychotherapist and clinical supervisor living in Dublin, Ireland. She is also an author, a professional trainer, and international speaker, a lecturer, workshop facilitator and external examiner.

She has worked in the area of mental health and trauma recovery for the last 28 years, providing psychotherapy to children and adults for a range of life issues, including Addictive Behaviours, Anxiety, Anger, and Relational Issues.
For 5 years, she worked in the Trauma Unit of St. Brendan’s Psychiatric Hospital under the watchful eye of the eminent Professor Ivor Browne. In 1995 she set-up her own private clinical practice where she now specialises in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

Her life as a “care-giver” started in earnest when she was 23, and it was both a painful and magnificent adventure through both Western and Eastern paradigm of thought. Her philosophy of life is that every great artist uses a palate of many colours to bring their canvas to life, and this is true of any effective therapist.

Her palate is made-up of many disciplines, from Psychology, Medical Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Theology, and more. All these disciplines are wonderfully compatible to the life of any Psychotherapist.

Christine works primarily as a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist, where she incorporates a Person Centred Approach, utilizing a range of modalities (Western & Eastern) where appropriate. She is also a qualified accredited Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Master NLP Practitioner, Master of Clinical Hypnosis, Life, Business & Executive Coach, Spiritual Director, Shamanic Counsellor, Curandera Practitioner, and Transpersonal Therapist.

Since qualifying, she has been a member of many accredited Boards and is a Member of the Irish Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists.

Christine is also a trained and accredited Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist: Throughout the years, she was also going through personal spiritual development. True to form, her quest for “truth” was to take her to visit many places. She did her fieldwork study (for her Master’s Degree in Medical Anthropology) with indigenous Shamans from Native American Sioux Indians, to Peruvian, Bolivian, European, Celtic, and Mexican shamans.

She also studied comparative religions, and to her surprise, she became a Theologian. For many years, she worked with Emaho, an American Indian from New Mexico, who challenged her to see life through “Life’s Eyes” rather than through the eyes of the personality. Her journey also saw her apprenticed to Eloxochitl, a Curandera Teacher in the Medicina Mexihka Tradition (Mexican Shaman). In 2006, Christine was honoured as a Curandera and a Warrior Woman when she was given the Native American Indian name of “Cihuatequiani”, which means “Woman Who Works”.

It has been part of her life’s work to integrate these two ways of knowing (Western Behaviour


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