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Tips on how to improve email deliverability and email sender reputation by Rob McEwan

• Invaluement started off from the ground up as particularly good at blocking that very elusive kind of spam that was slipping past other spam filters.
• More recently, though, a lot of old email addresses that just haven’t been used for many years have been recycled into spam traps, so it’s slightly more questionable as to whether it was spam or not.
• But it’s our position, basically, that when the recipient doesn’t have a reasonable way to connect the dots from whatever they’re receiving to whatever they signed up for originally, then at that point all permissions are null and void.
• It was so fascinating because when I was listening to your podcast and reading through your book, I got about 25% into your book before I saw the clarifications that made me feel comfortable with it.
• Yeah, your domain reputation’s going to follow you around everywhere. Make sure your practices are really good, and if you inadvertently get blacklisted, fight for it and explain to any blacklist that might blacklist you what it is that you’re doing good that’s causing recipients to get angry if they don’t receive those messages.
• But, you know, having really helpful high-quality information is so important now for that engagement to keep Google Office 365 happy, because they focus so much on engagement, is very, very helpful.
• When marketers get blacklisted, there’s almost always something going on, like an insecure form that wasn’t CAPTCHA protected that your worst enemy signed a spam trap upon, or some bot did.
• Well, one of the things that’s happened with the industry, in terms of email, is so much has gone to Office 365 and Google, and a few other large providers, but mostly those two. It’s helped the industry a lot because of the way they’re focusing on engagement is forcing the industry to do better, and that’s great and it’s improving the industry.

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To improve email deliverability make sure your email practices are really good.

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Doug: Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today we’re going to talk about email and email marketing, but we’re going to come at it from a different point of view. We’ve all heard that the money’s in the list, but, obviously, your list is no good if you can’t get your email delivered, or if you end up in the spam drop. My guest today in studio is Rob McEwen, and Rob has a long history of managing email web servers since 1996. At that time he was a computer programmer and then later a web developer. Then, in early 2000s, Rob pivoted towards a high-quality email spam filtering and hosting services. Then, 2005, he was already heavily involved with a blacklisting company that some of you may be familiar with called SURBL. It’s He was there as a volunteer near their very beginning when that new type of anti-spam blacklist services started to come up.

Doug: Rob has a wealth of experience, so we’re going to talk today in today’s episode about how to stay off of a blacklist and how to have a higher reputation for your dom

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