Seth Tiger LIVE update and Big Cat Briefing

04:03 · 2019

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Great day today even though it rained most of the day! We had just enough people to get everything done thanks to Brittany Mira and Michael Heap for coming in to help out on late notice!!

Fred Pagan and Mazz worked in the rehab cage #2 they weed eated and mowed the entire cage so now it's ready for Alpha to go in
Food-prep was finished before lunch thanks to Megan Myers, Mazz, and Fred Pagan

Fred Pagan did the pm supplements and snacks
Moe Mahamud and Christina Cochard cleaned up the rat room and made sure it stays nice and dry

Fred Pagan, Moe Mahamud and Christina Cochard also started to organize the project storage shed but it still needs to be finished
Michael Heap worked today clearing up a lot of the clogged drains all around the sanctuary and fixed the pump by the rat room!

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this very wet day!
-Devin Saari


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