Big Cat Briefing Feb 28 2019

07:57 · 2019

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I don't have to tell you what a hard few days it's been. If it's any help in how you process all of this sadness, I'd like to suggest that death is natural and so is grief. Those things happen, but how we think about it makes the difference between growing stronger from adversity VS suffering unnecessarily. Regardless of what you believe about the nature of life, death and what comes next; it is all matter of belief. We can choose what we believe but we can't change what happened.

When we keep replaying the tape in our heads, of what we could have, or should have, said or done, we are trying to rewrite history, so that we can accept it...but no amount of that cyclical thinking will ever change what has happened. The more time we spend in that self defeating loop, the harder it is for us to just feel the sadness, accept that it's happened and choose to grow stronger and wiser from it.

Whether the loved one was a person, or an animal, our relationship with them is almost always in thought. It's what we thought about them that made us love them. In the case of the big cats here, who we do not touch, our relationships with them are entirely thoughts. If you think about every cat you've loved here, you might be able to see that your entire relationship with them is based on what you think about them, and how you perceive they think about you. The beautiful thing about that is: you can choose to focus on thoughts that bring you peace. Regardless of your religious beliefs about souls, animal life, or the hereafter, it really doesn't change the fact that your relationship with all of these cats, present and past, is thought based. As a result, you always have that relationship, regardless of the state of their physical presence.


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