PreRAAM: 20180714: CA Coastal Classic Day 1

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PreRAAM: 20180714: CA Coastal Classic Day 1

00:14 · 2019

Bart from Walnut Creek to SF Embarcadero!
I can't believe that I'm riding a bike in SF.
We must cross the Golden Gate Bridge (heading North and then South).
WOW! Totally Amazing!
Next, we rode through the Presidio and then the Golden Gate Park.
Keeping the ocean to our right, we will not get lost heading South. In the Golden Gate Park, a touring cyclist passed us with Blue panier bags. Guess what, we ran into him at the Chit-Chat-Cafe where we stopped for lunch. Nice to meet you Will from Oxford, England! Where are you heading? South, just like us... Take Care and Be Safe!
More on Will later!

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