06:37 · 2019

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Alpha the Bobcat came to Big Cat Rescue in 2018, at just a few months old. She was rescued from the wild, and as a result became a candidate for our Rehab and Release Program, meaning once she was big enough and in good health she could go back out to the wild. Alpha was found alone in the wild with no parents or siblings near by. Wild Bobcats come to Big Cat Rescue for two reasons:

1) Injuries such as having been hit by cars or disease, illness, birth defects.
2) Kittens that have been separated from their mothers or orphaned and are too young to survive in the wild.

Upon arrival, the cats receive a full exam and given whatever medical care is needed for their injuries or illness. Blood is drawn and tested for infectious diseases. They are vaccinated, dewormed, and flea treated. Injured cats are given the time and supportive care they need to heal. They must prove they can hunt and survive before being released.

On arrival it was found that Alpha had a broken Jaw. It looked as though it had been broken for a long time. One side was sharp and broken looking, the other side was smooth and calcified over. Our Veterinarian Dr Justin was able to fix the Jaw and wire it back together.

Watch in 360 as Dr Justin takes a look at Alpha and the healing progress of her Jaw, a few months later, to see if she is ready to be released back where she belongs!

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