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Tips on how to get more ROI from your PR with Christina Nicholson

• To get more ROI from your PR stop thinking about promoting yourself and start thinking about just giving the media what they want and what they need.
• So the bad pitches are the overly promotional ones, which unfortunately for some reason is what most people do.
• So you need to set yourself up not just on your own social media and on your own websites as an expert in your industry, but you need to be getting on podcasts.
• And then when you’re getting those media hits, no matter how big or small, you need to be turning around on your social media and constantly sharing them.
• I think the first thing you want to do is you want to be clear on your goals, like don’t get media for the sake of getting media.
• I always say start with local because you’re more newsworthy where you are local.
• I think the biggest myth is that people think that they need a big brand with a lot of money to earn TV exposure or exposure in any media outlet, really.
• You have to make yourself accessible ASAP. And then you just want to give them everything they want and everything they need on a silver platter.

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To get more ROI from your PR stop thinking about promoting yourself and start thinking about just giving the media what they want and what they need.

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. If you’d like to have your business exposed and put in front of millions of ideal customers in minutes instead of months, you want to tune into today’s episode. My guest today is Christina Nicholson and she is a marketing expert in dealing with the media and her company is called Media Maven. If you want to tune into her podcasts, you can listen to her podcast at Become a Media Maven.So that’s exactly what Christina does, she is a television host and she helps bloggers and business owners grow their audience by reaching thousands and millions of listeners and viewers and getting them in front of their ideal customers and clients.

Doug: And she does this in minutes instead of months through the power of traditional media without spending big advertising dollars. Be sure to listen to her biggest myth around this, and the myth is that I’m not ready. So she’s going to share with you and me today that we’re all ready, and that we could be doing this today in our business without writing a check, this is earned media.

Doug: So you can see Christina in front of the camera as a host on Lifetime TV, in national commercials as well as her work online in the HuffPost Thrive Global Inc Magazine and Fast Company. Christina also has a local lifestyle and family blog called Christina All Day. She lives in South Florida with her husband and two children, and she was an absolute delight and a pleasure to have on the podcast today. So welcome to the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast today.

Doug: Well, welcome to the podcast today, Christina. I’m super excited to have you share your superpower on how you help companies and entrepreneurs grow their business.

Christina N.: I’m so happy to be here, Doug. Thanks for having me.

Doug: So do you want to fill us in just

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