PreRAAM: Saving Kenny in Vietnamese Language

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PreRAAM: Saving Kenny in Vietnamese Language

05:32 · 2019

Hoang Mong Thu and I met years ago after Luke has had his transplant and was doing well. Her daughter (Michelle Maykin), a Cal Berkeley grad, was just diagnosed with AML. She needed to find a matching donor! We mobilized the Vietnamese community of the Bay Area, Houston Texas, and across the country... Michelle registered (I believe about 20,000+) new potential donors.
The Michelle Maykin Memorial Donation Protection Act for the State of California was named in her memory!
Thank You then Senator and now Congressman Mark DeSaulnier from Walnut Creek for passing this Act (Senate Bill 1304)!
Videos of Arnold, Steve Jobs (before his passing), and other elected officials in a ceremony in front of Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford (where Luke had his transplant) to sign in the law are also posted on this channel!
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