Take Your Power Back: A Supportive Witness for Trauma Survivors

56 minutes · 2019

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Join Evelyn Ryan and Glynis Sherwood as they talk about what it means to be a supportive witness for trauma survivors, how fear becomes the driving factor in our lives, and what we can do to take back our power.

Glynis Sherwood MEd is a Counselling Therapist and Author who helps people break free of chronic emotional distress, relationship problems, abusive family dynamics, and compulsive habits, so they can find happiness, peace of mind and fulfilling relationships.

As a popular video therapist in Canada and around the world, and author of over 100 self help articles and 2 books, She has helped hundreds of adults create happier relationships, overcome low self worth, chronic anxiety and grief, and transcend addictive behaviors, sadness and trauma related problems. In particular, she specializes in helping people heal from difficult childhoods, low self worth, traumatic experiences and dysfunctional family relationships.


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