The Good Intentions Show - The Healing Frequencies of Sound

59 minutes · 2019

Join Tim Ray and his guest Melissa Ameika.

Melissa is a Vibrational Sound Shaman and Reiki Master/Teacher living in the desert southwest. She experienced a spiritual awakening 22 years ago in the 90's.
Her introduction into the spiritual world and healing alternatives was through a Sufi mystic who performed cranial sacral therapy on her.

Melissa's training includes extensive study in Usui Reiki (17 months total spent in training and clinics) and Shamanic practices of healing (spiritual warfare, sound healing, ceremony, soul retrievals, journey work, animal totem work, etc.). Additionally she is a private yoga instructor and have knowledge of food, herbs and oils. Her goal is to help you take care of and balance the body/mind/soul.

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NOTE: We have permission to use all the music/songs, used in this Show.


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