Awaken Atlanta - War on the Mind

150 minutes · 2019

“A Conscious Way to Start your Day!”

“Awaken Atlanta” is a 3-hour live morning talk show hosted by Shannon McVey, and Tim Ray. Awaken Atlanta tackles current events, news, and sometimes controversial topics and puts a mindful, conscious spin on them. The show hosts are not afraid to touch on subjects that other media outlets may stray away from. This lively, funny and informative show is not like your typical morning show, you’ll have to tune in to find out why!

Viewers can tune in LIVE 6 am ET- 9 am ET M-F and watch the show live or listen anytime on the station's app or Facebook Live @ United Intentions Foundation and on Spreaker, Soundcloud, I Heart, Blog Talk, Talk 10 FM, WDJY 99.1 FM, WMTA 107.3 FM and many more!

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NOTE: We own the Right to use all audio and video material on the show


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