The Manifesting Hour - Manifest with Meaning

61 minutes · 2019

Join Katharine Pike as she interviews Transformational Coach Rebecca Kirson.

Rebecca Kirson is a transformational coach and Akashic Record Practitioner committed to raising her clients’ levels of awareness so they can live in alignment with their higher potential and authentic truth. A life of fulfillment doesn’t just happen to us; we create it with conscious awareness, a defined vision, and commitment towards our plan.
Rebecca’s tool box includes intuitive insights and the Akashic Records to help clients know themselves at a deeper level. With her support, clients can began to shift the areas of their lives where they are playing small and hiding their light. The result is greater levels of clarity and direction for creating a life of abundance, purpose and empowerment.

Rebecca is fascinated with understanding human potential. She has an Executive MBA and a background in Psychology, Human Development, and Family Studies. Her mission is to help clients feel fully alive, deeply connected and create a life that truly matters. Rebecca works with clients via readings, coaching sessions, workshops and programs.

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