Resilience: Be the Golf Ball, Not the Egg

27 minutes · 2019

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Join your hosts Kristin Walker and Frank King (The Mental Health Comedian) for a discussion with Christopher McKinney. His new podcast is all about resilience and we hope to soon add it to our network!

Sergeant First Class Christopher Mckinney is currently approaching his 18’th year as an Active Duty Service Member. He has two tours to Iraq where he served for a collective 26 months and a total time of 48 months serving overseas. He is currently an instructor at the Army’s Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at Fort Benning, GA., where he is also serving as an Equal Opportunity Leader and the Academies Master Resilience Trainer. Before becoming an Instructor he served as a United States Army Tank Commander on the Army’s M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tank. He has recently branched out and started “Closer to the Hole Resilience Reformation” where he speaks to student athletes at a collegiate level to teach them techniques they can incorporate in their daily lives to be more resilient both in sports and life. He has recently released his first podcast “Closer to the Hole Resilience Reformation”. An individual known as the “Consilience of Resilience”, Christopher Mckinney.


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