PreRAAM: Happy reBirthday 03182019

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PreRAAM: Happy reBirthday 03182019

02:33 · 2019

In the transplant world, a "Re-birthday" is the day where the stem cells from a donor is giving you a new life. You are being "re-born!" In the medical world, it is usually known as "Day 0".

Below is the journal that Luke's mom posted on this special day 17 years ago!

Monday, March 18, 2002 at 11:47 PM (CST)

Day 0 or "T" Day: Well, Luke just finished the infusion of the life giving donor cells. They arrived by plane this afternoon and were hand carried by Dr. Amilon to our room at 6pm. They were in 2 bags and looked just like blood. The transfusion started at about 6:18pm and just finished. We thank the donor for giving Luke this true gift of life. No matter what happens we will always be grateful to you. The next several weeks will be anxiety provoking as we wait to see if the graft will take and develop new cells for luke. Luke will be experiencing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy for the next several weeks including fever, vomiting, mucositis, possible infection and other more serious complications. We are ready to continue this battle and win! Luke has had a difficult past 24 hours. He did well with the ATG until last nite after the infusion when he developed vomiting and a severe rash all over the body. He couldn't stop itching even with benadryl and atarax and premedication with methylprednisolone. Fortunately, he had a morphine pump going and was able to get some sleep which stopped his itching for a short time.He's somewhat better today but it will take several days to clear up completely.He was itching so much that I started itching. My father in law and I spent most of the day rubbing his body with lotion to sooth his itching. He also started to develop mouth sores and didn't eat anything today but took some milk tonite.Even with all this going on, Luke didn't cry once today. He's a real trooper. Thanks to Cory for the pasta and garlic bread she made and thanks to all of you for your prayers.Thank you South Bay Triathlon team for the great card and all your work. Thanks Nicole and family for stopping by. I guess Lam thought I was journaling yesterday and vice versa. I can't believe I failed to mention meeting the Jankowski's on Friday-Jennie, Nathan, and little Kayli who also has JMML, were inpatient for treatment of an infection. It was great to finally meet these guys whom we've been in touch with over the past few months. We'll see them in the BMT unit in a few weeks. I'm glad to hear also that Cindy with JMML in Colorado is doing better and got a chance to go home. We will all continue our fight to beat this disease. As I've said before, the only chance for cure with JMML is by bone marrow transplant. There is no remission with chemotherapy as in other types of leukemia. Thank you again, dear donor, for your sacrifice. I pray that you had no pain from the procedure and will be back to your old self quickly. Bless you for your gift.
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PreRAAM: Happy reBirthday 03182019


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