15:25 · 2019

Join Medicinal Foods Founder, Sky Kubby as he takes you through some life-changing food combining rules… and how to break them (properly). He makes it simple to avoid bad food combinations, sharing his personal transformation and how his health and digestion have improved dramatically.

One of the hardest things our body does is Digest Food. Just imagine what happens when you put food anywhere else—it begins to compost, rot and smell terrible. Our organs are no different—we cram food down our human ‘garbage disposal’ without thinking about how much stress this puts on our bodies.

It really is a miracle that our body not only goes into instant action, but is also able to glean crucial nourishment from what we feed it. Our goal, then, is to make this process a little easier for our organs, and we can do this by following some simple food combining rules.

See the food combining chart and recipes here.

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