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Email marketing tips to increase sales with Dela Quist

• Media is about reach and frequency. You want to meet as many people as possible as often as possible, and the only constraint is your budget.
• That’s the thing. There’s a puritanical zeal about email marketers which doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s the only channel I know where experts advocate doing less.
• The first thing is that they perceive email to be old fashioned and intrusive
• And all CMOs care about the brand. So the perception is that email’s destroying their brand, but TV commercials are not in some weird way. Facebook isn’t either. I don’t know why.
• What you have to do is track what I call open reach, and open reach is your cumulative unique opens, or total opens.
• I’m now going to invoke my very, very, very important rider. I call it #DBS, which means #DoBeSmart.
• The emails that they don’t open are the ones that say lots of fluffy news about my company.
• Yes, and here’s another thing is if you increase your frequency, spontaneous recall of your brand goes up and net promoter score goes up partly because you’re losing the haters, right?

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What you have to do is track what I call open reach, and open reach is your email cumulative unique opens or total opens.

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Doug: Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into email. I’ve got Dela Quist, who is an international email expert and the CEO of Alchemy Worx and Touchstone as my guest. Now, I first got to know Dela through an email group that I’m part of called Only Email. It’s a private group that you can join and have access to some of the smartest, brightest people in the email marketing world. Our conversation today, I think, really got me thinking, and had me thinking for a long time. Dela shared some very different points of view on how we can leverage our existing email lists that our businesses have to improve our results and move the sales dial, so I think this is going to be an episode that you’re going to have to listen to probably a couple of times because there’s a lot of information and make sure you check out the show notes because, again, there’s a lot of information.

Doug Morneau: He did give us some good takeaways, so I want to formally just introduce Dela and a little bit more about him. He’s the founder and CEO of a company called Alchemy Worx and Touchstone, and he estimates that he’s clocked about 20,000 hours thinking of email. Obviously, there’s no way we’re going to cover all of his knowledge in this short podcast. In 2015, he founded Touchstone, which is an intelligent suite of software that is based primarily on unified proprietary infrastructure and it records and analyzes all of your previous campaign data histories. The product category, it falls into three main categories: reporting and predictive analysis, machine learning, and it is compliant with GDPR and CASL and other future legislation requirements that require transparency.

Doug: Dela has also published an ebook called Fear and Loathing in Email Marketing, I’ll make sure that the link is in the show notes, and a series of essays

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