GoPro: Feeding Tigers Kali & Priya

04:28 · 2019

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See what it's like to feed tigers! Follow Keeper Brittany as she feeds two female tigers, Kali & Priya, at Big Cat Rescue while also training Level 4 Intern Fred on feeding Big Cats.

We close the "Feeding Lockout" door before feeding the cats. The Feeding Lockout is just a smaller box attached to their much larger enclosures where the cats know they can come for food and fresh water. Once the food is safely in the lockout we then raise the door.

While feeding the cats we get the best opportunity to Observe the cat. Are they chewing ok? Are they walking ok? We observe for a few minutes then move on to the next cat on the route.

We feed the Big Cats a variety of foods every day and their diets are closely regulated by our Vets and are catered to the individual cat's needs.

"Red" is what we call beef.

Learn all about what we feed and how much here:


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