01:09 · 2019

April 1st is here and the “something BIG” has arrived and finally been identified!

Viremia de Binge (VdeB)

Snapshot Overview

Scientific Name: Viremia de Binge.

Date of first reported case: March 18, 2002 (Luke Do’s bone marrow transplant date)

Date VdeB pandemic began: April 1st, 2019

What do we know of the virus thus far?

1. Infected people have an increased sense of hope.

2. Infected people feel inspired.

3. Infected people feel motivated.

4. Infected people have the urge, the will and the ability to help others and save lives.

5. Final stage of the Binge Virus is that the host is imbued with superhero-like abilities.

How is the virus spread?

By word of mouth, through the air, in print and in ALL forms of electronic communication, media and broadcasting.

How contagious is the Binge virus?

Extremely contagious.

Is there any cure for the Binge virus? No.

Is there a vaccine for the Binge virus? No.


What are the symptoms of Viremia de Binge (VdeB); Slang: The Binge Virus

Symptoms of VdeB include the following:

increased sense of hope (ISoH))
Increased motivation (IH)
increased sense of inspiration (ISofI)
a lightness of being (LoB)
renewed energy (RE)
cor aurea (a heart of gold —AHoG)
increased appetite to do good things (IA2DGT)
regularity (R)
homeostasis (H)
a zest for life (Z4L))
regulated sleep (RS)
increased sense of well-being (ISoWB)
increased empathy (IE)
an increased desire to help others (BH — Binge Helping)
feelings of euphoria at times (FoEaT)
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