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Tips on creating a successful and compliant email strategy by Jenna Tiffany

• I fully believe that GDPR is a massive opportunity for marketers, and it shouldn’t be seen as a negative impact.
• I’ve seen some organizations, they’ve lost more than 50% of their email marketing database because they couldn’t prove consent.
• Email is a top-performing digital channel, it generally doesn’t get the right attribution, so it probably outperforms way more than we actually realize.
• Think about putting yourself in the shoes of the customers. What are the key questions and information that you would want to know before you hand your information over?
• Tell your customers how you use data. Why you want to use it. And be really open and transparent about that.
• Every channel needs a strategy, and email marketing is no different to that.
• There should be a value exchange. The customer’s going to buy your product because you solve a need or a want that customer has. And the same with the email.
• To develop an email strategy assess both the internal environments and external environments. And then from all of that, you can start to see where opportunities are.

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Tell your customers how you use data. Why you want to use it. And be really open and transparent about that. #email #strategy

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today I’ve got in studio, I’ve got a friend of mine joining me from the U.K. I’ve got Jenna Tiffany. And she is an expert in all things strategy and marketing, and especially in email. I think you’ll enjoy today’s episode as we talk about the new legislation that’s come in recently with GDPR. What’s happening with the new legislation in California. And she’s going to share with you some tips of how you can take advantage of these changing landscapes and rules around marketing and connecting with your customers. And she’ll share with you, some of her clients that have implemented these strategies, they’ve had massive wins. We’re also going to cover off some new topics of how you can increase your revenue by five times. So, if that’s something that you’re interested in, then I would say sit back, take some notes, and enjoy the episode.

Doug:So, just a bit better introduction for Jenna. Jenna is the founder and the strategy director at a company called Let’s Talk Strategy. She provides strategic consulting services across the digital marketing mix, and she’s also a chartered member of the IDM, with over 10 years experience in both the business to business and business to consumer marketing. She’s consulted with some really large brands such as Shell, Hilton, Whirl, Duty-Free, just to name a few.

Doug:I follow her on social media and I see her out speaking constantly around the world. So, doing that she’s been recognized as an expert in her field. She is elected and served on the DMA UK Email Marketing Council, as well as she’s the chair of the email best practice hub that’s helping to shape the industry’s best practices. And she’s involved in the latest research. She’s also a marketing tutor. She’s teaching CIM courses, as well as

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