Wild West Crypto Show Episode #52 - Why Are The Banks Anti-Crypto?

53:24 · 2019

Welcome to another week of the Wild West Crypto Show! This week we talk with Mark Roderick who is a crowdfunding attorney. You don't want to miss this 'lively discussion' as Brent recalls it.

Jonathan from CryptoCurrencyWire updates us about what's going on this week in the crypto space! Samsung is beginning to dive into the cryptocurrency world, BlockPal to release a new branded digital wallet, and the team at CCW will have a booth at the April 6th World Record Blockchain Meetup although they will not be physically there but with a projection of every update they have done with us.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly covers things such as the subject on the banks new views on cryptos, are security token offerings the same as ICOS?.

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