Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Abigail Gazda 8-24-2018

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Lover of life and lover of love, Abigail Gazda has transformed her passion for education into a full-time career. As a life coach, author, and motivational speaker, she empowers clients and speaks across the world.

Abigail is the founder of Hearts Unleashed, a personal and professional development company committed to empowering people to operate with full freedom, power, and self expression in every area of life.

Gazda is the author of "Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter." She is the creator of the Facebook community Growing Gratitude. She is the host of the Hearts Unleashed podcast!

Abigail loves to share her breakthroughs in her work as evidence of what is available to anyone with a commitment to their fullest life. With a kind smile and full heart, Gazda loves to promote self-love in the form of self-discovery. As described in her book, she is on a ‘save the world’ mission to unleash the hearts of this world to create a positive impact of connection, authenticity, and passion. She lives to adventure this world spreading love, kindness, and joy.

Through her Hearts Unleashed brand she promotes knowing, owning, loving, and sharing oneself. Hearts Unleashed puts an emphasis on introspective reflection and creating life from the most powerful, authentic version of oneself.

Joshua T. Berglan's Gratitude:UnFiltered is a Faith-based talk show that blurs the lines of business and personal development. The host, Joshua T. Berglan is the CEO of Live Mana Worldwide where he is an entrusted Luminary to a very select group of prominent clients. Joshua is known as The Worlds Mayor because of his passion for helping people win in life and in business and because of his unique gift of creating powerful connections between businesses and people. Joshua is a Follower of Christ and is a believer in accepting and loving all people regardless of beliefs, race, socioeconomics, or sexual preferences. Gratitude:UnFiltered is Joshua's ministry, where he focuses on Faith, Personal and Business Development, Mental Health Issues, and finding Gratitude in life's biggest challenges.


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