Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Special Guest Julie Ostrow 11-29-2018

1:18:56 · 2019

On This Gratitude:UnFiltered........

As the Humorous Speaker and Communication Coach, American Laughing Champion and The Second City trained Julie Ostrow teaches organizations and corporate teams to use improv skills to improve Creativity, Communication, Team Building, Problem Solving, and Productivity with their clients and within their organizations. She teaches the benefits of using humor, laughter, and improv in all aspects of our lives, including in the workplace.

Julie conducts humor, laughter, and improv workshops for corporations, healthcare organizations, conventions, and schools. She also performs improv and stand-up comedy for a variety of events.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to PSTV's Gratitude:UnFiltered brought to you by Anton Jae, not your average consulting company and Live Mana Worldwide... 
I am your host, Joshua T Berglan, The CEO of Live Mana Worldwide, an Executive Management Agency, which specializes in creating and supporting "The Modern Day Celebrity".


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