Team SuperMarrow Captain A’marrow’ca Lam Do’s  Riding Buddy Ron has the Binge Virus!

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Team SuperMarrow Captain A’marrow’ca Lam Do’s Riding Buddy Ron has the Binge Virus!

00:41 · 2019

On April 1st, a new virus was detected. Team SuperMarrow is tracking the spread of this new virus of hope and inspiration — VdeB: Viremia de Binge. Also known as the Binge Virus or simply, “The Binge”.

What are the symptoms of Viremia de Binge (VdeB); Slang: The Binge Virus

Symptoms of VdeB include the following:

* increased sense of hope (ISoH))
* Increased motivation (IH)
* lightness of being (LoB)
* renewed energy (RE)
* cor aurea (a heart of gold —AHoG)
* increased appetite to do good things (IA2DGT)
* regularity (R)
* homeostasis (H)
* a zest for life (Z4L))
* regulated sleep (RS)
* increased sense of well-being (ISoWB)
* increased empathy (IE)
* an increased desire to help others (BH — Binge Helping)
* feelings of euphoria at times (FoEaT)

Can a virus stay in your body for months?

Within days or weeks, most viruses are gone from our blood. And from everywhere else in our bodies. ... Fortunately, many viruses that can cause a life-long infection stay "asleep" inside our cells — not making copies of themselves, and not causing any illnesses.

Viremia de Binge is unique— unlike any other virus we have ever seen.

There are many different types of viruses, and they are highly contagious. Some viruses only infect the skin, but others can move into the bloodstream. The signs and symptoms of viremia depend on which virus you have. Once in the blood, a virus has access to almost every tissue and organ in your body.

But, Viremia de Binge is a good virus that can stay present in a person’s heart, mind and spirit forever.

Disclaimer: This is a fictitious (fake, made up) virus and this pandemic is for entertainment purpose only. The people are real (or not) and no animals were harmed in the production of these videos.


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