PreRAAM CA Coastal Classic Day 5: After the Landslide

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PreRAAM CA Coastal Classic Day 5: After the Landslide

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July 18, 2018

Day 5 Summary- Plaskett Camp Ground to Morro Bay.

Today I’m grateful for a safe and early crossing of the closed roadway from the mudslide near Gorda.

Last evening was dreadful. Our swimming pool flotation device was effective at keeping our body off the cold earth’s surface. Our emergency sleeping bag was questionable. I slept in full cycling gears including gloves, head gears and 3 upper an 2 lower layers with wool socks. The cool temperature, humidity, and fog causes me to fully covered my head and breath inside the sleeping bag. This causes some condensation buildup... I was ready to make the crossing across the mud slide road closure at multiple times throughout the night (12, 2, and finally at 4 AM). We were the first to wake up at Plaskett camp ground and was off by 4:45 AM. The crossing was uneventful. We had to be careful on the descent as the ground was wet with dew and fog... It was so peaceful and beautiful as there were no cars to be found... I don’t think that we will have another such peaceful ride from Big Sur to Morro Bay in our lifetime; unless we have another big land slide that closes Hwy 1 for many months.

We rode for 30 miles before finding breakfast in San Simeon. We ate fig neuton, nuts, and energy bar in the interim. The ride to Morro Bay was relatively flat with different landscapes as compare to the Big Sur and Monterey area. There were more wild-life with sea lions, reindeer, and zebra along the way.

We had a great dinner and watch a little of the Tour de France. Our muscles are tired. We truly need the sleep and to rest our bodies. Tomorrow we will ride from Morro Bay to Lompoc.

Hope everyone enjoy the recap.


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PreRAAM CA Coastal Classic After the Landslide


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