Gratitude:UnFiltered "The UnSpeakable Consequences of Sex" 2-3-2019

1:18:13 · 2019

Sex, Sex, Sex and more sex on this edition of Gratitude:UnFiltered........

Do I have your attention?

Good because this broadcast is not about what you think.

Last night I spoke to a friend I grew up with, who I had sex with in High School.

When was the last time you thought about someone you had sex with almost 20 years ago?

Maybe I should not answer this publicly however I can say that the damage that was done through my sexual exploits with my friend is something I never once gave thought too.

Well, not until last night anyway.

I sat in bed reading her messages about the damage that was casused to her self esteem and it was a jaw dropping and sobering experience for me......

Her desire to fit in, feel loved and appreciated where replaced with years of self worth issues, feeling used and not respected......

How many more women feel this way?

How many men feel this way?

Is your identity shaped by who you are as a sexual being?

Did you trade your body to feel loved?

I know I have and as much as I am aware of spirit and soul ties, this is now weighing on me.

You will hear from her on this Gratitude:UnFiltered about how sex and other actions from our teens have effected her as an adult.

You will also hear about her son, who at the age of 3 was molested and the after effects of this horrific trauma......

This broadcast will not be comfortable, and may offend a lot of you however this show, this Ministry is about shining the spotlight on the darkest of shadows in efforts to set others free.

I Joshua T Berglan, the host of Gratitude:UnFiltered and I would like to invite you to join us, ask questions, and open your heart and eyes to a world that gets to be discussed.


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