Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Super Hero Trainer Marianna Bjelke 12-26-2018

41:29 · 2019

Marianne Bjelke is a speaker, consultant, and freelance digital content designer.

This former New Yorker was a stand up comedian at 21, and opened her first successful business (a retail herb, tea, and gift shop) at 25. Her corporate career has run the gamut from from Regional Customer Service Manager for a northeast home improvement retail chain, to Construction Accountant, Business Analyst, Product Manager and Operations Director. I've been around: A married DINK. A single mom. An adoptee, raised by an ex-nun. A stand- up comedian, sole proprietor of an herb, tea & candle shop, a web designer. A non-profit board member, wedding officiant, and local band manager.

She has overseen the details of projects from concept, through development, and into successful launch. Notable among these is HealthXnet, a web-based solution streamlining the flow of information between health plans, hospitals and providers in New Mexico.

But all of that meant nothing on the day she nearly lost her son.

Marianne’s presentations are designed to inspire and motivate audiences to take the fear out of change, map their transformation into their ideal vision of themselves, and live their summum bonum (or ‘highest good’). Adept at personal and professional transformation, she helps audiences and clients transform their business, digital presence, and themselves.


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