Episode 07: Orthotics

17:01 · 2019

Over the years, I spent thousands of dollars on orthotics and inserts, that I put in my shoes to try to make my feet feel better, to make it more comfortable for me to walk and run, take stress off my ankles, my knees, my hips, and my back. Did they work? Let's find out. Welcome to The MOVEMENT Movement podcast, the podcast where you really want to know the truth about how to have a happy, healthy, strong body and to let your body do what it likes to do best, and that is move. Bend and flex and move and feel. We're going to be exploring and breaking through some of the mythology and propaganda, and sometimes outright lies that people tell you, and learn what it really takes to be able to walk, to run, to hike, to swim, to move, to do whatever you like to do, enjoyably and safely and healthily and have more fun.

I'm Steven Sashen, the CEO from Xero Shoes. It is a pleasure to have you here for The MOVEMENT Movement, podcast. And we call it The MOVEMENT Movement because we are trying to create a movement. Get a collection of human beings who understand that natural movement is, well frankly, the better obvious healthy choice in the same way people currently think of natural food.

So, come over to jointhemovementmovement.com, that will point you to all the different places that you can engage with us on social media, et cetera. Subscribe and like and share, all of those things that are possible. We are, as I said, creating a MOVEMENT Movement, where people understand that natural movement is the better, obvious, healthy choice, the way natural food currently is. And we would love to have you in the Movement. If you want to be part of the tribe, please subscribe so you can live life feet first.


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