Wild West Crypto Show Episode #55 - Litecoin Lisa talks Charities

55:33 · 2019

Alright who's ready for the Bitcoin Ben World Record Meetup? We are! The Wild West Crypto Show has an excitng show packed espisode this week as we get ready for the big event we've all been waiting for!

This week we interview Litecoin Lisa who will also be attending the April 6th event! Lisa talks about how she got into cryptocurrency through her family members. Something that Lisa is active in is charity work where she helps children. She loves to help others as it heals her soul and keeps her going.

Jonathan checks in with us for his weekly update. He's not able to attend the meetup but we will be playing his CryptoCurrencyWire updates on a screen projector for all to see! For this week, Jonathan talks about the Jamaican stock exchange, the medical side of crypto, and the bitcoin accumulator.

As always we have Brent Schoolhouse, sponsored by Freshwealth, and Drew's weekly rant! See you next time!

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