Gratitude:UnFiltered "You Are Never Alone" 4-20-2019

54:31 · 2019

Never Alone

One of the greatest lies ever told by our darkness is we are alone.

How many of us feel alone now or ever?

We convince ourselves that no one else could ever go through what we are facing.

We believe that no one could possibly understand our pain or sorrow.

Our darkest moments are rarely when we have lost a battle but instead come from the betrayal with a kiss.

A Warrior must guard their heart because this is where darkness will come and steal your light.

This battle can only be fought with prayer, to respond with LOVE to betrayal with forgiveness, to despair with hope, to darkness with light.

When you need to run, don't run from God. Do not run from the people you need in your life, Run to them!

Life was never meant to be lived alone, the greatest battle require an army, a tribe!

No victory was ever won without others, so why would you want to ever face defeat alone?

Gratitude:UnFiltered with your host Joshua T. Berglan is an authentic, comedic, inspiring talk show and very unfiltered ministry. Gratitude:UnFiltered covers life’s biggest challenges and how to overcome them. Joshua is a Follower of Christ and is a believer in accepting and loving all people regardless of beliefs, race, socioeconomics, or sexual preferences. Gratitude:UnFiltered is a ministry, where he focuses on the physical, mental emotional and physical transformation. Joshua Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is a Master Connector, Speaker, Emcee and Show Host. Personally, Joshua is driven to be a voice for the voiceless and empower others to live their truth. Whether it is on stage or behind a microphone on his broadcast Gratitude:UnFiltered or Morning Gratitude, Joshua speaks his unapologetic truth. After living in the shadows for most of his life, he now relentlessly shines a light on a darkness that prevented him from living his best life, blessed, forgiven and free. Joshua is proof that regardless of how nasty ones past may be, God has a purpose for all of it…..and that purpose is good! Joshua is also an expert in brand strategy and a strategic partnership specialist, and has a huge heart for people. Joshua believes “everyone gets to win” in life and in business and this is what led people to start calling him The World’s Mayor.


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