Healing Within 7

1:01:20 · 2019

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Healing Within 7
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Welcome, there is a new format now with Eliza Richter from Soul Voice Sound Healing Coaching and Mentoring with Eliza Richter as each week Eliza and guests talk about how what they do affects your healing and health, from oils to sound all things are discussed, you can ask your questions and Eliza will answer or find someone who can.

This coming week Eliza Richter will be discussing how sound from Voice can assist in healing, Her Guest is Roy Fensom from Moon and Mask who will discuss the types of Tibetan bowls available and what to look for when buying.
Are you looking for healthier answers to your complaints?

Tune in of a Wednesday Evening at 7:30 pm ACST as Eliza Richter and guests review what they do and how this can help you.
Got a question, then put it to these people and see what responses you get.


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