Tarot Card Readings

1:09:16 · 2019

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FREE Card Readings! Share with us what you'd like to manifest by commenting below and we'll send them direct to your inbox. Tag a friend who would like free card readings as well. You'll receive a card each day for the next 3 days (and then you will be offered a subscription for readings each day). If you're not on Mytimetv.live, please click here to comment (or we won't see your post! https://www.facebook.com/MyTimetv.live/videos/884339085246601/

#LWPM #LEANNEWINSTON #LIVE #PSYCHIC #MEDIUM JOIN US LIVE... Leanne Winston Psychic Medium every Wednesday Night 8.30pm AEST :)

Join in for the chance to ask Leanne questions on spirit or about your loved ones. To be able to connect with Leanne out side of this broadcast please jump over to Leanne's Psychic page found at www..facebook.com/SpiritualSparks/.... Hugs LWPM Team x


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