HollyWORLD: Narcissism, Celebrity and Our New Culture with Adam Klugman

59:40 · 2019

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Join Adam Klugman and Kristin Sunanta Walker for a discussion about what is happening and what has happened to our culture. Narcissism is on the rise and it's spreading like wildfire thanks to social media. How is this affecting our culture and why is this strikingly similar to old Hollywood culture?

Visit our after show discussion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtHxwFtIjYI.

A visionary creator, gifted facilitator, and charismatic speaker, Adam is an American thought leader on mission to cultivate The Human Brand. With his keynote ìBrand It and They Will Come and attendant workshops, Adam is changing lives by distilling decades of his success into a program of personal brand building that teaches how we can all make a bold claim on our unique, human core value in a way that unleashes our gift on the world.

As a professional ad man, Adam is an award winning Creative Director and Media Strategist who created successful national campaigns across a broad spectrum of formats. His list of private sector clients include Nike, FanDuel, G.M., Disney, MGM, Tile, Hewlitt Packard, Viacom, 1-800-DENTIST and he has worked alongside agencies such as Weiden and Kennedy, Leo-Burnett, Donat/Wald and DMB&B Los Angeles.

Having grown up the son of celebrity, Adam is no stranger to the spot light. His weekly radio talk show, Mad as Hell in America, was an instant sensation on Portlandís AM620 KPOJ and in addition to his own show, Adam went on to become a regular sub for national hosts Thom Hartmann and Norman Goldman. Adam is also an outspoken advocate for social justice who lent his advertising expertise to political brands, proving that he can transform progressive ideas and causes into inspired, hard hitting, and successful political campaigns around even the most difficult issues.

Whether heís making commercials for clients like Nike or FanDuel, branding the first-ever celebrity effort promoting separation of church and state for First Freedom First, blogging on Huffington Post, or talking into a national microphone promoting a progressive vision, Adam is that rare breed of creative professional who can walk in any world. Over the years, he has repeatedly demonstrated that his unique, creative signature, his charisma, and his quick, passionate intelligence make him force of human nature in the 21st century.



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