Episode 11: High Intensity Training

28:18 · 2019

Should you be running longer, slower, or shorter, faster, which is better for your health. Let's take a look today at high intensity interval training in The MOVEMENT Movement podcast.

People have been talking about it for a while but lately I've just been seeing more and more people coming out with courses on High Intensity Interval Training, and saying why doing high intensity intervals is better for you than running long, as doing long slow distance, whether you're running or on an elliptical or on a cycle, whatever it is.

Hi, I'm Steven Sashen and The MOVEMENT Movement podcast is for people who want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body. We get rid of the mythology and the propaganda and while sometimes the outright lies that people tell you about what it takes to do that by moving naturally, you can follow us at www.jointhemovementmovement.com.


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