7 Frequency Bands and Your Auric Field

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7 Frequency Bands and Your Auric Field

52:46 · 2019

This is a Foundation Class
There are 7 energy frequency bands surrounding your physical embodiment. You are walking around projecting an energy. Depending on the frequency, or activation of, your frequency bands, you attract different people, places, things and opportunities into your life.
Your frequency is sacred. Become aware of how the surrounding frequency impacts you, how you actively attract and repel what you want in your life, and how your frequency is who you are being.
Julius provides clear information on the most mystifying, breathtaking quantum pocket of energy within us – Kundalini Energy.
And in knowing this valuable information, you can move rapidly into resolution of all issues plaguing you, with all the detailed, practical guidance provided to you by Julius in the modules of these teachings.


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